Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If you don't know what this is,
let me enlighten you!

It's a wonderful website that allows you to catalog a million great ideas to reference back to at your leisure! 
I was the tear-a-page-out-of-a-magazine lady, who would end up with a bazillion scraps of paper
stuck in a pile. Because of the mess, I would never look back at it.
Now, thanks to Pintrest, I have recipes, craft ideas, photo inspiration and home design dreams all
neatly organized onto my "boards"! 
It's Fabulous!  Really!

Because I have some time tonight while at work, I'm going to show you some of my Pintrest-y stuff!

I have 26 "boards" in my profile.
Lots of ideas, not enough time.  (or money, in some cases)
I just may tackle another handful of them this coming weekend while Ryan's away hunting.
Here are some of my "pins"

Things that make you say "YUM"
Peanut butter stuffed pretzels dipped in chocolate!
Creamy tortelini with white beans and cilantro!  This is delicious!
(I've made both of these, so SO good!)

Hairstyles or fashions I've tried out
I actually managed an outfit similar to this and thought I looked decent!
It's a start I guess?

Cute?  I think so!

OPI - Espresso!!

Random things I love!
Zachary Levi - I love Chuck!
Gorgeous, isn't it?!

Also gorgeous!  And also things I love...  Beer, Lobster, and Rob Pattinson!
(Yes, I'm a dork)

Things that make me laugh
I know you do this.
You do this too.
I have so many ideas I want to try.  So many recipes to make, photos to take,
Clothes to try, hair to do, and crafts to tackle with my munchkins.
Home dreams to keep alive, and some little DIY projects...  it's all great!

I heart Pintrest!

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  1. Ha! I totally have a pile of ripped-out magazine pages too. Recipes and books, mostly. So I've gotta try it out and see if I can eliminate one more piece of clutter in my near-hoardish household. Thanks for sharing! (My favorite pieces from what you posted - the gymnast/ballet dancer photo, the saying about running up the stairs. HA! Totally used to do that! Now I walk up the stairs but I still think about what's back there in the dark!)


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