Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random day at the zoo

We have a zoo pass.

We go to the zoo at least once or twice a month.

Even though I knew it was going to be cold, I woke up this morning, and it just felt like a zoo day.

I had brought coats and hats, in case we did the outdoor stuff as well.
Thank goodness!
Because as we pulled in 5 minutes after Open, I see my biggest fear...
School Bus!
Ah crap.

For those of you with small children, I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.
Field trip days are the worst to be at the zoo.  Those big kids don't give two hoots about all
the pint-sized kiddos there.  The running around, yelling, and poor language... ish.

So, we ventured inside just long enough to check in and go potty, then back out we went.
And I'll tell you what...
it was GREAT!
Yeah, it was chilly, but we had enough gear with us to be comfortable.
The sun was shining, we pretty much had the outdoor area to ourselves, and all those
critters seemed to be in the mood for hanging close by!

Truth be told, we didn't even see any of the indoor stuff today. (Except the penguins) 
Just took our sweet time enjoying the outdoors and the sun, 
playing on the playground, and having ourselves a little lunch.
Pretty great morning if you ask me!
The girls love the little penguin exhibit they have right inside the check-in area! This is Ellie's favorite part!

For any of you considering getting a zoo pass, DO IT!  It's a great investment!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

And Happy Birthday to our dear friend Heather!
We love you and miss you!  Hope your day Rocks!

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  1. I MUST renew my zoo pass! I let it expire in September and haven't gotten around to renewing it yet :( Part of me wonders if it is still worth it now that the boys are both in school...but then I see your pics and I am reminded of how much joy we get out of going there.
    The penguins are my boys fave too :)


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