Friday, November 18, 2011


Feel free to bypass this post, as I will be doing exactly as the title explains.

I'm sick of working night shift
I dislike hunting season
I hate having a husband that has to travel for work
(minus the perk of frequent flyer miles)

Let me lay out how the next 4 weeks are going to go...

Starting today, I work the next 6 nights in a row, right into Thanksgiving morning.  Gag.
Thankgiving evening, my husband will leave to go hunting until Sunday afternoon.  Boo.
Monday, I go back to work until Wednesday night. More gagging.

Thursday and Friday I will spend time with my loves! 2 days!!! HOORAY!

Then...  the first Saturday in December, Ryan and I are playing photographer for our friends wedding.
I'm thinking this may have been the dumbest idea I've had to date, as I'm already completely panicked.

Moving on, the next day, Ryan leaves for China.
Another 10 days away from my man.  10 days.
3 nights together as a family in 4 weeks.
I'm sad :(

And just to clarify, I do still love my job, I just don't love the HOURS of my job.

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  1. I'm sad too - and a little p.o.'d - on your behalf!! P.o.'d only because I understand the frustration of having your life sort of 'managed for you' in ways you wouldn't choose if you had more control. Those damn jobs. And you don't want to deny your husband those mini-vacations they enjoy so much because they deserve them, but it's more time away! Totally get it. I'm sorry Ana. Three nights together is not enough, not what you envision when happily married with a family, and definitely not in the holiday season! But. On another perspective, good problems to have, I suppose. These 4 weeks will be over before you know it, and hopefully on to more restful (and together) times. Love you. Good luck at work - maybe there will be some amazing patients that make it all worth it. :)


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