Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Toy Box

I'm feeling pretty darn good today!
After a long week at work, I'm happily enjoying the start of my "no big plans" weekend!

Ryan and his Dad went out hunting this morning, so it was just the girls here at home.
After an episode of Dora, and watching Bambi II for the millionth time, the TV went off
and playtime began.

As a mother, there are certain things that make your heart swell, and your eyes prick with tears...
today, well... this was one of them!
Watching and listening to my two most precious gifts, play together.
IN the toy box!
First step:  All the toys OUT, little children IN!

Big sister showing little sister what to do!

Their two little blonde heads bent together, playing so intently.
Those little fingers just peeking out over the edge.
And the giggling, oh that sweet sound!

I love that toy box!
(now... making them put all the toys BACK IN, not quite as fun)

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