Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This morning I'm feeling grateful for all the great blessings in my life.

The past month has been, to put it mildly, Rough.
Only 3 evenings home together as a family.
Sick kids, sick mom.
Missing Ryan.

But through all of that, I realize how lucky we are.
We have GREAT family and friends that have helped us get through it.
Watching the girls, taking care of the dogs, sending us home with food, etc.
The girls have been amazingly adaptable, considering they've been shuffled like a deck of cards.
My dogs have not chewed any limbs off dolls or destroyed any other toys, regardless of the fact they've
been seriously neglected.
My stomach bug blessedly lasted only a nasty 8 hours.
The girls are now once again healthy.
E loves babies.  (and yes, she's sitting on the kitchen table.  don't judge)

Lila likes to use Rio as a pillow!
(not a great quality picture, but the moment was so cute!)

And, Ryan will put his feet on US soil again tomorrow afternoon!!!
We are SO ready to have him home!

Yesterday, when I was driving in the car with the girls, Lila suddenly said to me,
"Mommy, know what?"
Me: "What's that baby?"
Lila: "Daddy really misses you."
Me:  "He misses you and Ellie too"
Lila: "Yeah, but he REALLY misses you!"
Me:  (tearing up a little) "I really miss him too, honey."
Lila: "I know Mommy, I know.  It'll be ok."

What an intuitive little girl!

So I'm spending my day being grateful!  Even though I have to clean the house, pick up dog poop, change the sheets, and run errands before getting the girls and bringing them to my mom's, then heading to work.


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  1. I just wiped a tear. Oh what our children say!


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