Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tree hunting and Cookie baking

Whew!  It's been a wild couple of days!

This past Saturday, Ryan and I were crazy enough to accept the job of photographer at our friends' wedding.
Lets just say I very well may have been just as nervous as the Bride and Groom!  Seriously, I had made myself sick worrying/stressing/over-thinking this for quite awhile.  I think we ended up with something the Bride and Groom will be very happy with...  more on that later.

Sunday, Ryan left the states and flew off to the land of the Orient where he will stay until the 14th of the month.  The girls had spent the night at my mom and Alan's the night before and I was able to visit with them for awhile before bringing the girls home with me.  
Yesterday morning, I again loaded the girls along with the pooches into the truck and drove up to my Dad's in Wisconsin.  Not an awesome drive, but we got there.
After naps (kinda), we made the decision to go and look for a couple of Christmas trees for my Dad and Konny!  Boots, snow bibs, jackets, hats, and mittens....  Elle was pretty good for about 40 minutes, then her and I hung out in the warm truck.  Lila on the other hand, was quite the little tree hunter!  She helped Papa and Konny find just the perfect one!  I think all parties were pretty happy with the outcome!  I can't wait to see the pictures of the trees all decorated to perfection!  It was so fun!
  Pizza for dinner at a cute little small town restaraunt, then home to bed, sorta.
Ellie has something against sleeping at night at Papa's house, bah.

Getting ready to go find that perfect tree!
The nest we found in Konny's tree

This morning, after a cup of coffee and some muffins, it was time for the cookie baking to start!!  Of course my camera battery died before I could snap any of the finished product, but hey, that's what phones are for, right?!  The girls had a BLAST and I think Papa and Konny did too.  Although, they were pretty darn exhausted after experiencing the chaos of two small girls for 2 days! Ha!

The phone camera!
Finished product~!  Don't they look delicious?!
They are now tucked in bed and will head off to daycare tomorrow!  Mommy will have 2 days to herself to tackle the house, and laundry, and the mountains and MOUNTAINS of photo editing to be done... but 2 whole days, this is exciting folks!

I'm now going to take a quick hot shower and tuck my lonesome self into bed.  Missing my hubby tonight.
Night all!

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