Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Fall Weekend


The weekend flew by (apparently Monday did too, as it's already well into Tuesday), and we really had a fun, productive couple of days!
Friday night, the hubby and I went out by ourselves for the anniversary dinner while the kidlets stayed with my parents. Dinner, movie, adult beverage... all great...
The best part of the whole deal though?  SLEEPING IN!
Yep, we're crazy fools and slept in until after 7am! (yes people, this is sleeping in around here.)

Then off we go to help my sister pack/move into her new apartment, errand running while the girls napped, then the 4 of us went to visit some special friends of ours!  Julie and I became friends through some "special" circumstances, and low and behold, her husband Brad and Ryan now work for the same company!  We all get along great, and this was the first time they have met the girls.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again!  Julie, I love you woman!

Sunday was up and at em' early.  Some of Ryan's family came down to help do work on the basement.  Plumbing, electric, you know? The fun stuff.
His sister and niece came too, and all of us girls went on over to Emma Krumbee's and picked apples!  
The kids had so much fun!  Of course, Lila's favorite part of the day was getting to ride the pony!
I would have preferred it to be about 10 degrees cooler, but I know in a few months I'll be begging for warmth, so I'll just keep my mouth shut for now.

The girls are napping, I just pulled an apple crisp out of the oven, and now I'm going to fold a mountain of laundry!  I really need to get out and tackle the dead/dying flowers, but I'm irritated by the flurry of boxelder bugs... so I'll stay put inside for now.

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