Friday, October 21, 2011

A year and a half!

Elaina Grace


What do I say about my little 18 month old?
Well, she's cute!
Don't you agree?

She's also quite a stinker!
A feisty, independant, tough, little girl that likes things to go HER way!
But a snuggly, affectionate, honey-pie, that loves to hug and cuddle as well!
Elle loves to play with her big sister, read books, dance to music, and cuddle her baby.
She has a blankee, loves to be outside, and likes to help us feed the dogs.
Her vocabulary is getting better each day and although "No" is still her favorite word, 
we are getting more and more out of her!  Ha!  
She's not one to be left behind, and has a determination that's unmatched!

Miss Elaina, we love you!  You certainly keep us on our toes!

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