Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Pickn'

Today, well...
it's simply Gorgeous out!
70, sunny, lovely fall breeze!
Aaaaahhhhhh, just my kind of day!
(really too bad I have to muck it up, by heading into work tonight, but anyway...)

Since it's such a great day out, the girls and I decided to go get some pumpkins!
We first stopped and got some pots of Mums, big beautiful white ones,
and some small bright yellow and deep red!

Then we hit The Big Yellow Barn to collect our pumpkins!
The girls of course wanted to pick the first 2 they saw, 
and Lila I think had more fun towing the wagon than anything.
We got 3 lovely pumpkins and a straw bale to set up with our flowers.
Now, the girls are sleeping after our fancy lunch of Mac n' Cheese with hot dogs,
and I'm going outside to assemble my fall decor!
Happy Fall everyone!

Looking for just the right one... (after a discussion about why we don't pick the mushy ones.)

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