Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Years Ago

I woke up in my hotel room, and looked out the window.
Cloudy, drizzling, gloomy.

Didn't matter.
It was my WEDDING DAY!

My cousin picked me up and took me to where we were getting our hair done.
Coffee in hand, I sat while my hair got curled and pinned, veil placed.
Then while everyone else was finishing up, I threw my veil over my shoulder and walked
out the door into GORGEOUS SUNSHINE, and headed across the street to Panera.
I stood in line, catching the glances of people smiling at me.  The Bride!
Bagels for all my ladies, and another cup of coffee for me!

The church was beautiful, I was surrounded by my family and friends, and everyone was smiling!

I was unexpectedly nervous, but happier than I had ever been!
I walked down the isle to my future that day, 
and it seems impossible that it's already been 5 years!

Ryan, I love you.
You challenge me and push me, and yes... sometimes make me angry,
but every day, I'm given some reminder of why I married you.
We've had an Amazing 5 years, and I can't wait to see what the next 5 have in store for us!

Happy Anniversary babe.
I. Love. You.
*Thank you Krissy for taking some great photos of Ry and I, we love you!*
check out her website

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