Thursday, September 29, 2011


It came and went.

I feel no different.

No major meltdowns about being out of my 20's.
No feeling sorry for myself that I'm getting older.
I really believe that in each phase of life, there is something fun and new to experience.
Adios 20's... bring on the next round!

I was greeted in the afternoon by Lila shouting down the hall
"MOMMY.... IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!  We have to hurry and get your party started!"
She really wanted me to open my present, sing to me, and make me wear a party hat.
She got 2 of the 3, no party hats currently reside in our home.  I'd better get on top of that.
A very elegant dinner of a tuna and spinach pita, bowl of ice cream with a candle,  hugs for my family and off I went.

I spent most of my birthday at work,
helping to bring new little people into the world.
I shared my day with one special family, whose baby girl arrived quite "abruptly".
She will need lots of TLC and time, but I'm sure she will be strong and healthy in due time.

Hello 30's, what have you got in store for me?

* I also want to say Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff, his daughter Bella Grace, and my neice Kaiya.  I hope their birthday(s) were wonderful!*
** And speaking of... the other special Kaiya is home again, but scheduled for a heart cath on Monday.  Hopefully, that will take care of the most current issue and she won't need another surgery.  As always, I ask for your prayers!  Thank you!***

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