Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prayers for a special girl

Today is going to be a long day for my friends.
Today at 7am, Jilanne will kiss her baby before she lets a team take
her 3 day old daughter to the operating room to fix her tiny heart.

The surgery is expected to last 6-7 hours.
6-7 hours of waiting, and pacing, and fretting, and praying.

Please PLEASE say some prayers for the whole Traynor family.
Prayers for the beautiful baby girl who needs to be so strong.
Prayers for the big brother who doesn't quite understand the change happening in his world.
Prayers for the parents who will place their daughter's life in the hands of strangers.
Prayers for those strangers who will work to make Kaiya's heart healthy.

~It is a beautiful day in Heaven.  Jesus is gathering his baby angels to send to earth
and be born.  One of the sweetest angels says to Jesus, "I don't want to leave.
I love it here and I will miss you."  He reassured the scared little angel that everything
will be fine and that it is just a visit.  The tiny angel is still not swayed on this idea, so
Jesus kneels down and says,  "How about if you leave half your heart here with me
and take the other half with you.  Will that be ok?"  The angel smiles and says,
"I guess that will work."  But the little angel is still scared.  She asks, "Will I
be okay with only half my heart?"  Jesus replies,  "of course you will. I have
other angels there that will help you, and will love you so much."

Then Jesus gives the tiny angel more details about His plan.  He says,
"When you are born, your mommy and daddy will be scared, so you have to
be strong, and when you feel weak, just remember that I have the other half to your heart.
Enjoy the time with your family, play and laugh every day.  When it's time
to come back to Heaven, I will make your heart whole again. 
Always remember that you are not broken, just torn between two loves.

Be thankful today for your children.
For the smiles, and snuggles, and love you share with them.
Then say one more prayer.
Thank you.

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