Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fort Building, bike rides, and other random summer stuff!

The past few days I have really enjoyed just being home with my family.
We've done nothing special, but I think that's what makes it special.
Just being together.
Waking up, having meals, going to bed...

There has been a lot of play time, fort building, baking, a zoo trip.
Lila is slowly learning to ride her bike (we've only had one major spill and she got right back on!)
Ellie is showing us some of her temperamental tendencies,
which is challenging and funny at the same time! Boy, that girl can give you a scowl! Ha!
It's been a good few days, and I'm happy to report that I still have a WHOLE WEEK 
before I have to return to work!
I'm a happy girl today!

Here's some more randomness from the past few days!

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