Sunday, July 10, 2011


Let me start by saying, I can barely keep a pot of petunia's alive.
However, this year I decided to try a little experiment.
Anyone like Jalepenos?
I can't believe it!
This little tiny green miracle got me SO excited! 
Just a simple pot on my front porch, some water, sun, and VOILA!

Growing up, my mom always had great gardens.  
Lovely flowers arranged in gorgeous ways.
And veggies... lots of veggies.  
Cucs, beans, tomatos, radishes, carrots, and even a pumpkin or two!

That teeny little pepper has motivated me to do what I long thought I could not.
This will be my garden!
Ryan has been helping our neighbor do some "back-yard work" and has some equipment that can make quick work of setting up a garden.  Of course, I won't grow much this season... but I'll be ready for next year!
Wish me luck!


  1. Oh gardening is so awesome! Fun!

  2. Good Luck! It is so rewarding to grow your own garden. The boys and I love walking out the back door and being able to pick fresh tomatoes and peppers every day. I can hardly contain myself this year as we are anxiously awaiting watermelons:)


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