Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July weekend in Peqot!

We were fortunate enough to earn an invite to a lovely place up North in Pequot Lakes
with some friends of ours.  We thoroughly enjoyed the glorious weather, loved watching the kids
play together, indulged in many adult beverages... basically had a great time!
America's Sweetheart!
Buddies~  Lila and Vega

It was of course, not without it's tantrums, meltdowns and frusterated parents, but I think 
that once you have a fantastic massage under your belt (Thank You boys!) and a drink or two down
the hatch, most of these things seem pretty minor!

I heart Sparklers!
Yummy festive cake I made on Sunday

We spent Friday night through Monday at noon up there and then head for home.  We were back by 3:30 and almost immediately got out the kiddie pool!  We had an "All-American" dinner of hot dogs and popcicles, and enjoyed the evening right up until bedtime, when all the strange food and weird nap/sleep schedule kicked in and gave us a little trouble.  Our girls are creatures of habit... and let me just tell ya,  there wasn't a whole lot of "habit" in a weekend like this!  Ah well... it was worth it!
Pearsons', Malmquists, thank you so SO much for the invite and the lovely place to stay!  We truly enjoyed ourselves!
This lovely giant snapping turtle decided to try and eat our fish, I decided not to argue with him!
Lila and her first fish... she's a little unsure about that flippy-floppy thing!

Some highlights of the weekend!
~1 :  Ranger rides in the middle of the night through the woods, complete with clouds of bugs!
       (I'm being serious, this was great! ~cocktails may or may not have been involved)
~2 :  A mid-day massage in town, then a couple drinks and a giant platter of chicken nachos at
        Zorbaz with the ladies!
~3 :  Watching Lila get super excited about going on the pontoon!
~4 :  Snuggling Elle while watching the sunset and listening to the loons!
~5 :  Watching Lila experience sparklers!
~6 :  Laying in the sun while children take a 3 hour nap on Sunday!
~7 :  Fireworks!
~8 :  Watching Lila catch her first fish!
~9 :  Watching Lila go "skinny dipping" for the first time, because mommy packed and loaded the swim suits   a little too early!
~10 :  Coming home Monday and getting all 4 of us sitting in the kiddie pool at the same time!
And although it's belated, a heartfelt Thank You goes out to all the Service men and women who
do so much to keep us safe, and allow us to freely enjoy ourselves like we did!
Thank you for all you do, God's Blessings to you!

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