Friday, August 6, 2010

the roller coaster!

One minute I feel like I'm losing my grip on sanity.  Ready to bust at the seams if I hear one more whiny   "Mommy", or have to deal with one more tantrum because I offered Lila juice instead of chocolate milk.  Ellie starts to cry, just when Lila is having one of her major fits, and of course the dogs are probably barking, "Nemo" (Lila's current fav) is blaring in the background and the washing machine is running....

then, it's over.

Lila is again happy and playing and giggling.  Giving me hugs and kisses and suprising me with her imagination and language development.  Elaina is cooing up a storm and giving up the biggest smiles I've ever seen!  The dogs are sprawled out on their backs, just enjoying their dog life, "Nemo" is turned back down to a respectable volume, and the laundry is done.  (not folded, but clean anyway!)

Man, I love roller coasters!


  1. So true Ana, what a roller coaster ride it is! Enjoy! xoxo, Gina

  2. Love this post, Ana!! So true!!

  3. You are a rock star momma! Love up those ladies all day long :)


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