Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day to day

I should be cleaning my house.

But I'm not.

Instead I'm going through pictures.  Tons and tons of pictures.
Seriously... I have a problem.

The weekend will be busy, work, wedding, work. 
I REALLY should get my house cleaned.
Lord knows it won't happen this weekend.

Here's just some pics from the typical day to day.
Now THIS is how you eat a sandwich!
Modesty isn't her strong point! haha
Sweet clean baby! YUM!
First ride on the 4 wheeler~ not too sure about it

Couple of cuties

Now, I'm going to go clean the house. I swear.  (after I get a cup of coffee!) (I might go sit outside in the sun too... just for a few minutes!)

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  1. If you can't take pics and love the day-to-day what fun is staying home with the girls...and it does look like fun! They are so adorable! Love it!


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