Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today is a good day.

I worked last night, but it was a calm shift and I was able to leave 2 hours early!
This was fantastic for lots of reasons
1) the obvious: I left work 2 hours early.
2) this meant I was home before Ryan left and I got to spend 10 minutes with him!
3) the girls didn't need to get up early, just to drive in the car for an hour and a half!

Blessedly, both girls slept in and I caught a nap on the couch!

The morning went well, both sweeties were in good moods and there were lots of snuggles and smiles!
They both went down easy for naps, and although I may regret it later, I passed on the nap and headed outside with a cup of Joe!  The weather is just too amazing to sleep through and I have now come inside after an hour in the sun feeling refreshed!

I'm anxious for Ryan to come home.  I plan on taking a nice long walk and having a decent, NON-RUSHED dinner!  I'm also thinking I might indulge and climb in the tub with the girls tonight.   Bubble bath with the kids, to me it sounds delightful!

Today is a good day!

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