Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Busy!

The weekend was pretty much packed full and we came home last night exhausted.

That being said, the weekend was also packed full of smiles, love, and heaven's blessings!

On Saturday, Ryan and I dropped the girls off at Grandma and Grandpa's with their cousins Carter and Chase while we headed off to Wisconsin with his sister Kim and her husband Matt.  Their cousin Marie was married outside on a beautiful (HOT) day!  Thankfully there was some cloud cover and the ceremony was quick and sweet!  We enjoyed visiting with Ryan's family, we don't get to see them nearly enough!  Congratulations Marie and Joel!  We wish you the Very best as you start your new life together!
Sunday was another blessed day!  Our sweet baby Elaina was baptised at St. Michaels Catholic Church!  It was it's own little ceremony after regular mass and was really nice.  Elaina did very well, only cried a tiny bit.  I think she was just a little unsure about the whole thing, her face was PRICELESS!  I really wish I could've captured that on camera!  Both of our families and Ellie's God-parents, Heather and Jason Quint, were there to celebrate with us!  We had a nice relaxed late lunch at my mom's afterwards and headed for home around 5pm.

Not to be forgotten, (because it's a REALLY BIG deal!) Miss Lila has started to officially potty train!!!
(I'm doing a big fist-pump!)
We've been slowly just letting her kind of use it when she's up for it, but over the weekend we had some GREAT success!  Friday to Sunday, Lila was pretty much running around Comando (except in the car and at church) and we had NO accidents! She would even tell us when she had to go!  Last night, she kept saying "owie, owie" and holding her tummy and crying and I figured it was because she hadn't pooped in the last 2 days.  I gave her a little medicinal "help" and we sat down on the potty in the living room to watch Nemo.  I was in the kitchen and Ryan was dozing on the couch and all of a sudden she's cheering and yelling "I poop, I poop!!!"  And she did!  Haha, it was so funny!  She was so dang proud of herself!
She is at daycare today in her pull-ups and we'll see how that goes!  Either way, we've got a great start and let me tell ya... I'm EXCITED!

Ok, so I've got a million pictures, but I need to sneak in a nap before BLS and work tonight, so I'll get more up later!  Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a super exciting weekend! And congrats on the potty training progress. Lots of milestones!

  2. Hilarious pooping! I just talked to my girlfriend and she was telling me about her friend Kim- that works at Mercy. Your sister-in-law! Crazy small world!!! She's knows my Amy :) See you at work tonight! Can't believe this- but I'm actually looking forward to it :) Glad to know you'll be there!

  3. Wow on the potty training, that's fantastic!! Such cute pics, as always!


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