Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pool, Lake, and other stuff

The past few weeks have been even crazier than normal, but it's been a lot of fun too. 
We've spent lots of time visiting with family, many that we haven't seen in far too long!

Before Jackie and Bryan's wedding, some of the family gathered at my Aunt Colleens to visit and swim in the pool.  The weather was HOT and the water was WONDERFUL!  Elaina spent most of the day in someones arms and Lila had a BLAST in the pool!  She loved "swimming" and jumping in from the side! The girl has no fear, I tell ya!
Swimming in the pool with Auntie!

On Tuesday, my brother Jeff, came up from Louisiana for a very quick visit.  We met my Dad, sister, and Brent at Majors for a quick chat and dinner!  It was great to see him, I just wish it would have been a little more relaxing.  (Toddlers in a restaraunt do NOT equal quality chat time.)  I ended up taking the girls home with me, but Alex, Brent, Jeff, and Ryan headed out to the Twins game!  Let me tell ya, I was really wishing I would've been at that one!  Perfect weather, amazing seats (4 rows up behind home plate! Yeah, the green cushy chairs!), and a GREAT game!  That would be the one where we beat the White Sox 7-6 in extra innings with Thome's walkoff homer!!!  Woot Woot!!
Dinner at Major's with Jeff
Ellie and Uncle Jeff
 Yesterday after I was done with my shift, Ryan and the girls picked me up and we headed up to Papa Dave's.  The weather wasn't ideal, but we did spend some time outside.  Elaina was sweet and charming like always, Lila was "energetic" and crazy like always ;), and I felt like a zombie from lack of sleep.  Again, it was great seeing family even though it wasn't a long stay! 
3 Blondies
Derrick and Payton playing with Boone and Rio
Elaina and Papa
Lila and Auntie Amy

This morning has been challenging.  Well, I'll rephrase... Lila has been challenging.  Not really sure what her deal is, but I'll just be honest and say I'm happy she's napping! Ha!  Potty training has been going well, be we seem to be having a little trouble this morning, oh well.  Nothing a little quiet time and coffee can't fix.  (That just means I'll handle it all a little better!)  Ryan's baking a cake, and I'm going to sit and close my eyes, then get on with our day.  It's the first full 24 hours we've had home as a family in almost a month!!!
Happy Sunday to you!
Happy Baby
Me and my boy!

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