Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Stuff

I have to say... I've been a bit slack about blogging the past few weeks.
Just can't get in the groove.  Got stuff goin' on, ya know?

The girls just went down for naps and as I sat down on the couch, I thought of a few things I should blog about.  None of them really work together, so I think today I'll give you one quick blurp about each and then elaborate at a later time.  Sound good?  Hope so... cause here we go.

#1:  Healthy Life Changes
About 6 weeks ago, Ryan and I finally quit talking about how badly we needed to take better care of ourselves and made some huge changes to make that happen.  We have both dramatically changed our diets and have started routinely working out.   It's been hard. ... but we're getting there.  Here was part of my breakfast this morning!  Actually quite delicious;  Vanilla protein powder, 2 cups packed raw spinach, sprinkle of flaxseed, 1/2 cup vanilla Lite n' Fit yogurt,  unsweetened almond milk, splash of cherry juice, and some fresh blueberries.  Bright green? You bet!  This was consumed next to 2 lovely over-medium eggs!  

#2:  Basement Progress
Since last fall, we (ie, Ryan) has been working at a slow, but steady pace to move forward on finishing our basement.  I've been essentually NO help up until now, but I think we're finally at a point where I can get my hands dirty.  I'm ever blessed and grateful to have such an amazing husband.  Seriously, the guy can do ANYTHING!  
We spent a large amount of time (and money, ish) in Menards this weekend.  Picking out tile, a toilet, a sink, yada yada... but in a way, this was pretty exciting!  We have stuff to be able to DO stuff.  I may actually have a basement I can enjoy before our children are teenagers!  Quick peek at the current status of our basement!

#3:  Naughty Elaina~ the Terrible Two's are coming!
As a toddler, we always used to refer to Lila as "Busy", or "Challanging".  She'd have her rough days and was and still is the Drama Queen of the century.  But she always knew that "No" meant  NO.  Sure, she'd push us a little here and there, but honestly... she's never really been a bad kid.  
Elaina, well...  She's another story entirely.  
Our second-born will turn 2 in April, and I feel the winds changing.  I feel the storm that's brewing in that tiny little body of hers.  In that glare she can give you that says "don't test me mom, you have no idea how much of a headache I can give you!"  She'll look right at you and watch your reaction as she proceeds to do exactly what you just told her not too!  I fully anticipate lots of deep breathing, and Time-Outs!  It's a darn good thing she's cute, and man, oh man, is she funny! The problem I think, is that she knows it!

Now, back to the couch!  The girls both start gymnastics tonight, we'll see how that goes!
Happy Monday!

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