Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Good morning all!
Got a solid 8 hours of sleep and am feeling pretty darn good!!!

Since I have to work again tonight, our family celebrated Valentines last night!
The girls had heart shaped pizzas and we gave them their little gifts!
Lots of chocolate and sweet treats, Lady and the Tramp, Candyland, and a few other trinkets!
Ryan and don't do much for each other on this particular holiday, but it's sure fun with the girls!

Today we're having heart-shaped egg-in-the-hole for breakfast, and will possibly be making a zoo run later!
I'm going to go enjoy our little breakfast with a cup of coffee and my sweetest gifts of all!!!

Also, Happy Anniversary to my mom and Alan today!
They are out on a cruise this week enjoying some sunshine instead of the snow, lucky ducks!!!


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