Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In need of some visual stimulation!

I was looking through some pics I've taken recently and have discovered that I dislike the months of January-March for more than just the obvious reasons (cold, dreary, boring).
In these months following the holidays, impatiently waiting on spring...
All my photos look very similar. 
Indoors.  Artificial light.  Doing the same activities.

At least in a normal Minnesotan winter, you have SNOW.
Something to play with.  White and fluffy, decorating the ground and trees.
And mind you, I'm not complaining about the mild temps, but as far as my pictures go...
We've got nothing but gray and brown lately.  Ish.  .

I managed to capture a few shots of the girls messing around on Monday before gymnastics class.
We were graced with some sunshine flowing through the porch windows, and although these are far from perfect, at least they feel fresh to me.
And of course, because I love the subjects so much, I think they are adorable!!!


  1. Love that flare!!! Such cute girlies you have. :)

  2. Ok thought i commented but maybe nit. Lol. So i feel so blah lately too, im with ya! Cute kiddos, love that light :)


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