Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everyone else is fighting a harder battle

There are so many little things in life I complain about.
Work, lack of finances, day to day muck that bogs a person down.

Yesterday I was thinking of my friend, Jilanne and her little peanut, Kaiya.
I shot her a quick text as I was leaving the zoo with the girls, just letting her  know
I was thinking of her.
I received a message back that she appreciated the support and that it was needed.
They were struggling.
Kaiya is being placed on the list for a heart transplant.

Through all her smiles and sweetness, she sure doesn't look like a sick baby,
but the truth is,  her heart just can't keep up.
She is scheduled for a heart cath today, which should help and give them a better idea of what's going on.
I swiped one of Jilanne's FB photos.... she just looks too cute!

I ask again for prayers for this family.
Follow their updates by visiting http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/traynor
My complaining about my kids being up at 5am...  SO not important.
I'm going to go hug my little blessings and watch a Dora for the 957th time!

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