Thursday, January 19, 2012

Parenting is tough

This morning I read an article (thank you FB) written by a mom of 3 young kids.
As most of the people who read this blog, are also on Facebook, I'm sure you too, have seen it.

"Don't Carpe Diem"

Anyways, after the last few days... this was the exactly what I needed!
Well, that and the fact I have the whole day to myself, with minimal plans other than lunching with my BFF!

In a nutshell, this mother talks about the simple fact that parenting is tough.
That it's a grueling, daily battle, that makes you CRAVE for the moments you children go to sleep!

Now, I love my girls.
Anyone who knows me, understands that this is the Gods Honest truth.
But, I'm the first to admit that I am NOT stay-at-home-mom material.
I just spent the last 6 days in a row with them, and truth be told, last night...
I felt like my head might explode if I heard one more whiney cry for "MOOOOMMMMYY"!
Yesterday, it was supposed to be a daycare day, but daycare fell through, and they stayed with me another day.
Every 3 weeks I get 2 glorious days where I'm not at work, and they still go to daycare!
Free to do whatever I choose.  And yes, this usually means laundry and cleaning of some sort, 
but doing it without the constant drone of childrens squeals and battles and whining...
yes, it's amazing! This might make me sound selfish, but 2 days every 3 weeks helps me function
as a better person, wife, and most importantly MOTHER. 
Because then, when my darlings come home... I'm refreshed and ready to snuggle their little hearts out!

So, I'm going to take these wise woman's words to heart, and remember that when I'm so frusterated
with my kids, and in turn, frusterated with myself... it's Ok.  Other mothers have felt my pain and survived.  And their children don't wind up on the therapy couch because I've shouted too many times, or haven't snuggled them enough each day, or gave them Mac and Cheese with cut up hotdogs for lunch instead of a healthier option.

It will be ok.
I love my kids, I just don't always have to love the task of raising them!

Happy Thursday.
Don't Carpe Diem!

Oh, and thank you Gina, for this as well....  I think this also applies!


  1. Bahahahahahaha!! This is exactly what I needed to read tonight!!! I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU. I seriously may copy and paste your entire entry, because it's how I feel too and you said it perfect!! Ok, I might steal the articles, but I love the whole thing! ;)

  2. LOVE it! Now I must go drink a glass of wine :) Oh crap, I am on a detox diet with no alcohol...clearly whoever thought that alcohol should be omitted was not a parent!

  3. Ha - I just read Glennon's article too, except on her blog (I'm one of the last 10 people on earth not on FB, I think). Momastery - it's a fabulous blog site. Even without kids at home one can relate to her. And I love a grateful Mom who is also Real, as you are. You CAN love your kids AND have bad days AND get to complain out of "frusteration" once in awhile! It's allowed, even encouraged as healthy, I think.
    FYI, the picture of two wet girls just out of the bath in your last entry is one of my all time faves. :)
    And lastly, I read in the most recent issue of Reader's Digest that in fact, several cups of coffee a day is recommended for some health reason I can't recall at the moment (maybe it's memory-enhancing, since I haven't had coffee in months now and my memory is yuck!). But Dr. Chopra is drinking like, 6 cups a day. So indulge in a pot and enjoy!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed that article, I laughed out loud! xo


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