Monday, January 30, 2012

A chilled out Monday morning

I slept in this morning!
It was 7:18 when I heard the first door open.
It was quickly followed by the other door and the two little noisemakers were in bed with me!
I was ok with this, 7:18 is  AWESOME!  Much better than 5:30 or 6 as it usually is!

Now, we've had breakfast (complete with a spilled glass of water and a dumped over bowl of Lucky Charms), have watched 2 episodes of Team Umizoomi, and I've wrapped and re-wrapped Ellie's baby about 100 times. Lila asked if she could stay in her Jammies all day, and I agreed.  Mostly because I will probably stay in my jammies all day, at least until I have to go to work tonight.  

It was a crazy week, and it feels really nice to have a day with nothing to do other than be with the girls.
Yesterday was a day of go...go...going, so this is great!
I'm back to work tonight for another 3 nights, and desperately hoping for nights calmer than what we experienced last week.  What WAS that?  Seriously, Wednesday night was ridiculous.  Going home in tears, 2 hours past your scheduled shift... never a good thing.   I did however get to be present when one of my co-workers gave birth to her beautiful baby girl!  Saying it did not go smooth, would be an understatment, but I hear that now both Mama and little Mila are doing wonderful!
Jessica, Congratulations again on your beautiful addition to your beautiful family!

I'm thinking we may go outside and throw the ball for the dogs, and we're making some Asian glazed turkey meatballs for dinner, so I should probably get those set-up.  Have a great Monday everyone~

Here's a little video of the girls dancing around the living room.  Please don't judge us, I know
the music isn't exactly "kid friendly".  

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