Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've been trying to think of something meaningful and profound to post about.
Somthing that has a little "flow". 
Put together a piece that coordinates well, and wrap it all up with some great photos.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

I have some pics I want to share.
So I'm going to put em up, and let you look if you like.

I'm in the middle of a work stretch and looking forward to my weekend.
The girls are fun and crazy.
Lila has been getting better reports from daycare, Yeah Lila!
Elaina is still stuck on doing everything by herself, but is hilarious,
so even when you're frusterated, it's kind of funny!
Ryan and I are going to join the gym.
The weather has been freakishly warm and awesome!
We got stuff going on.
Elle loves her baby!
Lila is turning into a big girl, right before our eyes!
We like the zoo!
and we like Touching things at the zoo!
We've enjoyed the ridiculously warm weather
but we're excited to try out these sleds again!
Have a nice day!

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