Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yesterday was a good day. Today should be pretty great too!

Yesterday the girls and I spent the day together.  
We ran a few errands in the morning, and I was actually quite productive.
We had minimal meltdowns, good naps, and lots of big smiles and giggles!
This to me = Good Day!
Can we say "Flock of Seagulls"?
The only downside.
It was windy.
I have bad ears and the wind really bothers them, but after dinner,
Ryan took the girls outside, and they thought it was just great!
Ellie had this huge grin on her face the whole time, like...."WOW, This is Great!"
(I stayed in and washed dishes, while watching from the window.)
Either way, both girls went to bed easy and I got to read my book while Ry watched some TV 
before bed!  Yes, it was a good day!

Today I plan on being productive as well.  Few things to tackle this morning,
then off to see my best girl and her sweet daughter for some lunch!  
The sun is shining, the house is quiet (Ry took the girls to daycare already), and I have coffee in hand.
Also, all that productivity will come AFTER I finish my book!
(Third in the Hunger Games series! Have ya read them?  You should!)

Another good day!

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  1. Dang, Ellie looks like a grown-up tall little girl behind that stroller! Glad you've been enjoying Spring with your family so much. I check in often and show off your pictures to several people. You MUST teach me some tricks!!
    Meanwhile, I just read The Hunger Games over Memorial Day weekend and devoured it in 3 days. I - Loved - It!! Now must wait weeks and weeks to get the next one from the library. Glad to see I have company in my enjoyment of teen lit! :)


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