Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy-ness (yes, I'm making up words)

Life is busy ain't it?

Last week I decided to work a 16 hour shift Thursday night, followed up with a half hour
nap before grabbing a quick shower, picking the girls up from daycare, getting Ryan at
work, then driving north to my Dad's place for the remainder of Friday and Saturday.

Ummm, not a great idea for anyone who's contemplating trying it.
Moving on...

...  the weather was crummy, but we did get out a little during those short peaks
of sunshine.  And my little girl and her daddy came back from a walk with this lovely
"bouquet" just for me!  So nice!
We also had a lovely little run-in with a neighborly bear, who's lunch from someone garbage
we very rudely interrupted.

Home again Saturday night, and Sunday was spent just doing Sunday-type stuff.
Again, poopy weather, so nothing too exciting.  Boo :(

I am back to work this week, and again am passing on this whole "sleep" thing a few times.
Yesterday, instead of napping before work, I went and visited a special friend and her even
"special-er" baby. (making things up again!)  It was wonderful, and well worth the sacrifice!
I then went to "visit" my sister.
Well, kinda.... she cleaned my teeth!   It's a little weird having your baby sister, be all professional
and dig around in your mouth.  Ah well, she did a great job!  My teeth have never felt cleaner!

I've now finished 2 nights of 3, and as previously mentioned, will forgo sleep on Thursday to spend
some time with my family, as many of them are in from out of town!  Should be a good time, sleep-deprived
or not! 
Then more craziness planned for the weekend, but that's for another time!

Here's a few more cute ones from the past week and a half!

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  1. I hear ya in the sleep department! Much too many doubles and sleepless days lately, but the kids are totally worth the sacrifice :)


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