Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A "Sprinkle" for Jilanne!

Yesterday I was so happy to attend a gathering for my friend Jilanne.  
I've mentioned her before, as she is expecting a very special baby girl in July.
Her little one is going to need lots of help and prayers when she comes to meet us, 
and since this will be more than a little stressful on her family, a suprise get-together was
put on for her mommy!

There was lots of fun, and food, and smiles, and KIDS!
Danica and Gina, you ladies did a WONDERFUL job putting it all together!
Ladies from FSH, it was so great to see everyone out of their scrubs!
(and to meet everyone's little people!)

I failed miserably in the photo department, 
as I didn't get a photo of Jilanne with her hosts,
nor a single shot of the lovely set-up.
Sorry guys :(
SUPRISE!!! Jilanne and her little guy, Brady!

Kelsey and Liz

Ledger and Elle~  it was HOT!

Brady cooling off in the sprinklers!

Ellie, Ledger, Elise, and Lila~ playing in the water bucket

Marcy and Ilya

Big brother wasn't too sure about sharing his new baby sister Grace!

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