Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Hounds

I'm a dog person. 

I really like them.

Sometimes when I'm tired and crabby and frusterated by the constant chaos in my house,
I admit, I get a little annoyed with my dogs.  Ok, sigh... a lot annoyed.  
They're underfoot, and loud, and they slobber... and often are smelly.

However, for some crazy reason, even though I shout and shove at them, they still love me.
Really, REALLY love me!
Getting some snuggle time and affection from me makes it the BEST DAY EVER!
(okay, maybe not as great as getting love from Ry, but whatever...)

I played with my dogs today!
It was really fun, and reminds me why I love them so much!
Probably because all in all, they are great dogs!
(and of course, who doesn't love someone that gives you unconditional love?)

A story of playtime
I throw the rope, they fight over who gets to bring it back.
Boone is trash talking Rio right now
 Arguing again
 Rio takes the prize again
 FINALLY... the Boone-man got it!  (it was however, by default...  Rio was occupied)
 Then I got out the hose.  The End.

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