Monday, March 15, 2010

What I loved about the weekend

1. Being with my family!!! (by far the best!)

2. Getting some household projects tackled without feeling overwhelmed

3. The warm weather =
~~buds on our maple tree
~~taking a walk with the family
~~getting the Christmas lights down (hey, don't judge)
~~having the windows open

4. Having corn-beef for dinner last night

5. Taking photos of my little girl

6. Did I mention the great weather??

Seriously, had a great weekend which I'm confident will lead into a great week!

I know I already previously posted a video of Lila walking in my shoes, but she's actually gotten quite good at it! Pretty cute!

Please don't mind how exhausted and awful I look in the video, but Lila's so cute and snuggly (and sloppy), I couldn't resist sharing.

Have a great week!

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