Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Friday

I am blessed.

I had a morning today where God showed me how truly blessed I am. The atmosphere at work when I left was quite solemn and I knew someone today would experience terrible heartbreak. I met Ryan at our usual spot (the Hilton parking lot on France), where we exchange Lila, and regardless of the down mood and dreary weather, her sweet smile when she saw me was brighter than any sunshine and immediately lifted my spirits!

I have this amazing, sweet, healthy, little girl that gives me reason to smile Every day, and am carrying an active, healthy baby that I can't wait to meet!! How lucky am I?

Seriously, there are just days when you know He is there to give you a little lift! Today was one of those days.

Have a blessed weekend!

(Silly girl, eating her favorite snack~pretzels~and sharing a few with her BFF's)

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