Sunday, March 7, 2010

One hell of a week

Oh my.... it has just been one of those weeks that you are glad to have behind you.

Quick recap:

Monday- I haven't slept from my Sunday night shift, I'm coughing my lungs up, and I have the munchkin with me for the day. Normally, I'm counting the hours till 4:30 when Ryan gets home, but not today. He flies out for Texas that morning for business. So it's just me, half-pint, and the hounds ALL DAY. (8pm can't come fast enough!)

Tuesday - Again, have Lila for the day (she graced me with a 2 hour nap!), I'm still coughing, we expect Ryan home that night around 8ish. Ryan's flight is delayed, this causes him to miss his connection, he gets stuck in Memphis overnight. I drop Lila off with my in-laws, so I can head into work.

Wednesday - I have a meeting for work that turned out better than I had hoped for, but was still emotionally draining after working a 12 hour shift. I meet Ryan after my meeting; he got into Mpls around 8:30am, and get Lila from him, take her to daycare on my way home and try to snag a few hours of sleep. I'm still feeling horrible, Ryan comes home not feeling well either.

Thursday - I leave work an hour early to run through ER and have this terrible cough checked out. I have bronchitis. Head home. Find Ryan on the couch looking green and sweaty, yep, that would be from him praying to the porcelain God all night. Awesome, Ryan has the flu. (He did manage to drop Lila at daycare that morning). I medicate both of us, we head to separate rooms and go to sleep. Again, I tough it out and head in to work that night (...still coughing).

Friday - Ryan feels better (thank goodness) and makes it into work. This however means, that again, I have Lila all day, on no sleep. Sigh. I have to say, the little girl was wonderful to me and even took a 2 1/2 hour nap, so I did too!!! This was the highlight of my day! Ok, maybe second place, because I am happy to say both Ryan and I were in bed and sleeping by 9pm! Yes, I'm thrilled that I had a 9pm bedtime on a Friday night! Ryan now has a cold to match mine and we feel pretty crappy, we are quite the pair.

Saturday - Finally feeling a little better and have a minimally productive day. ~Lila found a fun new place to play!~ Our sweet neighbor offered to watch Lila overnight, so we could attend our friend Cory's 30th B-day party. While it was great to see everyone, and fun to people watch, it was plainly obvious that we were the "parents" in the group (never mind the fact that I'm still coughing and 8 months pregnant) I just didn't quite fit in to the "Wild Bill's bar" crowd! Ha! Happy Birthday Cory, we wouldn't have missed it!

Sunday - Lila is still at the neighbors, I'm going to drink my coffee, go through the paper, then we will tackle the day! I'm looking ahead to this week and am optimistic that it will be substantially better than last! Happy Sunday and have a great week!!!

I've added a few belly pics too. This was last week (31 weeks).

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