Monday, August 31, 2009

Loving the weather!

Fall is my very favorite time of year, and yes... I know technically it's still August, but I'm feeling the fall weather! Jeans, sweaters, warm socks, it's all here and I LOVE IT!!! I like summer, but the fall is just my time! I go back to work tonight for 3 days, then I'm off for a week and I'm thinking that the fall decorations just might make their appearance!!! (I'll keep the jack-o-lanterns in the box for just a little while yet!)
The weekend was a good one! Even though I was thoroughly exhausted on Friday, I have to say that I was a trooper and stayed up until 11pm and enjoyed a bonfire with our great neighbors! (Again, bonfires are so much better when you need a sweatshirt and a blanket on your lap!) Saturday was great too. We had a cumulative 30th B-day party at our friends' the Pearson's that night. (Jake, Bjorn, Dennis, and Ryan!) It was fun getting to see everybody. In the past year, many of us have entered the world of parenthood and all of us had GIRLS! HAHA! So much fun to see all the little one's together! I can't imagine what it's gonna be like in a few years when they are all running around together! Sunday was nice and relaxing. Got to look through the paper, have some coffee, and get odds n' ends chores done around the house! It was great to spend some quality time with my family, I wish I could do it more often, but I'll take what I can get!
Today, I'm just going with the flow... I was going to clean the house, but I'm not sure if that will get done or not. It's not like I'm terribly busy or tired (I actually slept great last night), it's just that I don't know if I feel like it! I might just enjoy the day with Lila, get some laundry done, take a walk, the house can wait until I'm done with my 3 days of work. Supposed to rain over the weekend anyway... that's a much better time to clean house, don't ya think?
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week! I plan to!

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