Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Day!

I really haven't been doing a great job keeping this up, it's been over a week since I've last blogged. Honestly though, it's been a pretty run of the mill week. I worked last week as usual, and was greatly relieved to have Thursday morning arrive!! It was one of those weeks, that was a little rougher than usual, and just felt NEVER-ENDING!!!
The first part of the weekend was spent up visiting my Dad, which is always enjoyable. It was pretty sticky out, but the weather held up so we could get a ride on the boat! I think Lila likes being on the boat, it's that darn lifejacket she's just not so fond of. Not sure I know any small kid that actually LIKES their life-vest. On Sunday, we said goodbye to Papa Dave, and headed home. Our friends Heather and Jason and their girls came up from Mankato so I could take some pictures of them, and so we could visit awhile. They stayed through dinner and it was great to see them!
Yesterday was a good day! I'm off work this whole week unless I pick up any extra shifts, so I'm loving my time at home with Lila and Ryan! Lila is getting better and better at this walking thing, and I'm always suprised and delighted when I turn around and see her taking off down the hall on her own! Every day she's becoming less of a baby and more of a little girl, I just can't believe it!!! My favorite thing is to just sit and watch her play on the floor. You can almost see the little gears in her brain working, making connections, and soaking up everything! It's just a miracle to watch!
Today is going to be another chill-out day at home. We've already taken our walk, and now my little one is taking a nap. I'm going to make myself some lunch and then sit outside and continue my adventure with Mr. Harry Potter! Tomorrow, I'm gonna go shopping to see if I can find a cute outfit for Lila to wear for her 1 year pictures (YIKES, 1 year already....what?) Hope you have a wonderful day!
Oh, here's another little clip of Lila. Again, disregard what a geek I am. She's the cute one!

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