Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dreary Tuesday

Well, good morning to everyone! And how are you on this dreary Tuesday morning? I am sitting here with my coffee as Lila just went down for her morning nap and wishing I could figure out the magic solution, so I wouldn't have to go to work so much and could spend more time with my family. I really do love my job (most days), but working nights is starting to get to me. It's hard for me and Ryan, because I'm gone more evenings than I'm home, and I'm so tired on my days home, that I'm not always a peach to be around. It's hard for me being away from Lila, especially because she's not even at an age where I can talk to her on the phone and tell her goodnight.

I realize I shouldn't complain; I have a healthy family, a nice home, and a good job, which is far more than many people in this world right now. I just look forward to the day, that maybe I can work a few less hours and spend that precious time with the people I love the most!

Anyhoo... The past week has been pretty standard. I was off work last week until Friday, but of course the weather was rotten for Wed-Friday. Boo. Oh well. Work over the weekend was as usual, unpredictable... insanely quiet and boring on Friday and Saturday, then we ran our butts off on Sunday! Typical! Yesterday it was nice to spend time with Lila, but I was feeling kinda crappy... probably just so darn tired. And of course, she didn't sleep well last night. Ryan has a theory that Lila knows when I'm home, cause she usually manages to sleep the whole night when I'm at work, but wakes up a couple times a night when I'm home. Seriously, what's with that?
I don't know if she's getting another tooth (lets hope, I'm beginning to think she's gonna be 2 before she gets any more), or if she just was having a bad night. Who knows?
I'm back to work for the next few days and we have a pretty busy weekend, but I'll try to get better at posting more than once a week! Have a great day!

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