Saturday, August 8, 2009

Past week

Overall, it's been a pretty good week. Work went fairly smooth, but of course, never quick enough. Ryan said Lila was a pretty good girl at night for him which makes me happy. I always feel so bad when she's having a tough night and I'm away... I want to be there to help her (yes, and help Ryan too!) She's getting less wobbly as she takes her steps, it still amazes me that at just 10 months, she's already toddling around!!! Craziness, I tell ya!
Last night we got quite a storm rolling through, and I don't know if it was the storm, or her ears or teeth (which have been bugging her), or if she just was having an off night; but she decided to get up 1am and want to snuggle mommy and daddy. She was quite content if you were rubbing her back or rocking her, but forget about leaving her in her crib! We even brought her into bed with us (which we NEVER do), but she was so dang wiggly and still wouldn't fall asleep. Finally after a bottle and two hours, she went back to bed. Thankfully, her midnight adventure did keep her in bed this morning until 8! It's been a pretty laid back day here at the Volovsek house, which I'm loving! I got the house cleaned, and some laundry tackled. Not sure what the evening holds and we don't have plans for tomorrow yet...guess we'll just see how the weather is! Hope the weekend is good for everyone! Take care!

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