Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip to WI, among other things

We spent the weekend in WI visiting Ryan's extended family and overall, it was a really nice trip! Many of his family hadn't yet met Lila, so it was fun to show her off a little. For the most part she was a really good little girl, got a little fussy towards the end since her nap schedule kinda got messed up, but other than that... no problems. The car ride was a breeze on the way over there, and she slept the WHOLE way home, so I got to lounge in the back seat and read. (Twilight series, of course.... yes... I'm one of THOSE people!)

When we first got over there on Saturday, we stopped at Ryan's Aunt Sylvia's for awhile. She made us lunch and we got to sit and visit. It was all fine and dandy until miss Lila decided to grace us with a mess. I'm talking the messiest Poop Explosion in history!!!! No kidding, it took 3 adults to clean her up, and we still ended up with poop on all of her limbs, the floor, my shirt, and somehow, the kitchen tablecloth!!! The picture of her in the sink.... yep, that's why! Ha! Oh the joys of babies!!!

Later that day, we went over to Ryan's Grandma Ginny's, and ended up having dinner with her and a few of his Aunts, Uncle's, and cousins! His Aunt Deb and Uncle Joe let us crash at their place that night (Thanks you guys!), I'm pretty sure it was just cause his Uncle Joe wanted a little more "Lila time!"

It was church on Sunday morning, then pancake breakfast back at Grandma's! We headed out around noon-ish, and were back at our house by 5!

Now it's back to work for both of us, and it's going to be a busy week and weekend! We have friends coming over on Thursday to visit and have some pictures taken, then Ryan's Dad and brother-in-law Kurt are coming to the house Friday to start working on the basement. They are going to move the furnace and water heater out of the walkway, so they are actually in a logical spot. Hopefully, all goes well, and we don't end up with no heat and cold water for too long!
Miss Lila has been a pretty good girl, but she was a little "off" on Monday. I'm suspecting she either has more teeth coming in or she's got a little fluid in her ears, that's bothering her. She was kinda grouchy, sleepier than usual, and still doesn't want to eat hardly anything in the way of solids. She was happy to eat her dried apple puffs and her graham sticks, but other than that... she say's NO WAY! I fear that she may have a bit of a temper too, because if you try to get her to eat, she throws quite the fit... red-faced and all. Oh well, we'll see what happens! I did post one picture of her with her hair in a bow! I was quite excited that it's now long enough to pull together and clip up! She kinda looks like Pebbles from the flinestones, but hey... it's progress! Ha!

I'm looking forward to my week off, I have to finish work tonight, and am back again tomorrow, then I have a WHOLE WEEK OFF! I just checked the weather too, and it looks like it's going to be reasonably nice out! Lila loves being outside, and I love going out for walks with the whole family when Ryan comes home from work. Sometimes it feels like it's the only time him and I get a chance to talk! Guess that's about it for now! Good night, well actually, good morning!

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