Friday, April 24, 2009

Aahhhh.. the weekend is here!

FINALLY!! It's Friday! Whew.... thought it would never get here! This week felt particularly long for some reason, I'm very glad it's over! I really missed my family this week while I was at work. All I wanted was to be home spending time with them. Lila seems to grow by leaps and bounds and I feel like I'm missing so much when I'm gone in the evenings. She had "dress your best" and "crazy hair" days at daycare this week. Ryan is the one who gets her going, so bless his heart, he even remembered to take pictures (they weren't great though). She won "CRAZY HAIR" day with her Rock Star mohawk!!! My little rocker, haha, I love it!!!
Ryan had to be to work early yesterday morning when we normally do our "Lila swap" when I get off work. My father-in-law was able to get her and spend 45 minutes or so with her until I could get over there to pick her up. I met him at a Caribou, and the minute I walked in the door, her face lit up and she gave me the biggest smile! I melted! She is amazing! My little gift from God, I couldn't love her more!!!! She normally is really good about eating her food, but the past few days, she must be on hiatus, cause she's much more interested in playing with her food than eating it! She's most definately got some "reserve", so I'm not really worried about her not eating much. It's not like she's gonna waste away on me.... those thighs alone would keep her going for a week I'm sure! HA!
Yesterday we spent time outside (even though it was quite blustery). She would make the funniest faces when a big breeze would hit her, then she'd laugh like it was the greatest thing! We took a nice walk when Ryan got home from work, and I was delighted that it was warm enough to wear shorts!!!
Today is a little cooler, but still nice, so as soon as miss Lila wakes up from her nap, we're headed out to run some errands! Oooh... grocery shopping... so exciting! Ha!
This weekend we're heading over to WI to visit Ryan's extended family. Many of them haven't had the pleasure of meeting our pride and joy, so we're going to go show her off! It'll be a busy weekend, with plenty of time on the road, but it's important to get over there and see everyone, so now is as good a time as any! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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