Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's been an up and down day for me. Mostly up, I think.... but the down, well, it's a big downer. Work has been tough lately, the moral is pretty crappy and today I'm feeling it more than ever. I really do love my job, but after all this chaos, I'm not so sure I'll be nearly as happy there. Guess we'll see.
On a better note, Lila seems to be feeling much better! She had her 6 month check-up today and is doing great! My big girl is 18lbs and almost 28 inches (70% for weight and head, and 97% for height!) She doesn't have an ear infection (thank goodness), just a little fluid build up, probably from being so congested the past week! She did get another 3 shots today, to which, she loudly protested, but she was a fairly happy little baby the rest of the day! This was quite a blessing, because Ryan is in Detroit tonight for business, so it's just me, Lila, and the hounds! I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight, however, being sick the past few weeks has really thrown a wrench in her sleep patterns and it's been quite awhile since she's slept more than 4-5 hours in a row. I think tonight may be a good night to attempt a little sleep training. I'm encouraged by the pediatrician, who informed me that most 6 month olds should be sleeping through the night; no need for midnight feedings. Guess we'll see how this goes huh?
Well, Lila is down for now, I'm gonna go get in my J's and sit on the couch and finish watching the series finale of ER (it's taken me a week to get through it!), then I might read a little. Good night to all!


  1. What a great new picture!!!! That blue jacket makes her eyes just pop out. Cutie!! Are you still up for taking the girls' pictures?? Let me know what days you have off of work so we can get together. I have the weekend after Easter off if you guys are around and want to get together. Let me know. I loved the "multi-tasking" text. Crack me up. Love you guys and miss ya. Hope we can hang out soon, let me know!! I have ideas!!!

  2. Hey, Ana,
    I'm sorry about the crappy change in your schedule. It completely sucks! I wish I had something better to say. Hope you have a good night with Lila.
    Jen P.


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