Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday again. Bah. Mondays are tough... ya know? Especially when it's rainy like this... hard to get motivated to do anything. Yet, it's the perfect day to get that stuff done. Laundry, dishes, pick up, more laundry, pay bills, another load of laundry... yadda yadda. I actually was quite a bit more productive today than I thought I would be, even though I should have tried to take a nap since I work tonight. We have Lila's "confrences" tonight at daycare, then I'll head off for my first of three nights of work.
The weekend was pretty great actually. Ryan finally started feeling better after batteling an awful cold all week. Lila's 2nd bottom tooth popped through and has now been sleeping through the night again... HOORAY! So all weekend she slept from 8p-6am, which in turn, meant that both mommy and daddy slept well too! It's really amazing what sleep can do for a person's mood and demeanor! We got to see some friends as well. The Quint's (Heather, Jason, Ryleigh, and Landree) came for a visit on Saturday. We took some pictures of the family, but mostly Miss Landree, as she is 4 months old now!! What a big girl! It was so great to visit with them! Ryan told me I talked to much.... Sorry guys, I just wish we could see each other more than every other month. Cory and Abby came down last night and had dinner too, we never seem to see them either... man, it sucks being a grown up....everyone has commitments and responsibilities and time for visiting really is limited. Guess it makes you really appreciate the time you do get!

I guess I can't claim that I'm always all that responsible however. I am going to be a bridesmaid in my friend Sarah's wedding in a few weeks. Yesterday around 11, I'm in the shower, getting ready for a day of hanging out and loungin with Ryan and Lila on the couch, my mom calls.... Ryan comes into the bathroom and says "Ana, when in Sarah's bridal shower?" to which I answer "May 2nd... same day as her bachelorette, why?" He says "your mom's on the phone and says it's today" I say " Na uh, it's on the 2nd". He asks me where my invite is and I tell him it's on the fridge next to the wedding invitation. A few seconds later he comes back in the bathroom and informs me "You're a BAD friend! It's today ", to which I reply "Oh *#@!...". Am I a loser or what?? Nice friend huh? Seriously, I got the invite, looked at it, said to myself "oh, cute invitation" and stuck it on the fridge. Never even spared a glance at the date.. I'm a moron. Geez. Well, at least I made it there.

Anyway... the week will probably be par for course, nothing to exciting going on. Lila does have "Dress your best Day" and "Crazy Hair Day" this week at daycare, so I'll be sure to get some of those pics up when I can. I think the weather is supposed to be nice, so I'm looking forward to how green everything should be after a few days of rain, once the sun comes out!

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