Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to work

The whole weekend really was pretty great!! On Friday, Ryan and I had our first date night since Lila was 6 weeks old! It was really nice and very needed! Dinner and a relaxing evening at home, just Perfect!! Lila stayed at Ryan's parents for the night and they said she was a very good girl! Rich brought her down to us on Saturday morning and then stayed to help Ryan install carpet in our downstairs bedroom. (It looks great too!) I spent most of the day cleaning and playing with Lila, which was perfectly fine by me!
Sunday was nice too. Both of Ryan's parents came down to help around the house and I left Lila at home and went to have a short coffee visit with my friend Sarah. We spent most of the time venting our feelings on the current dire state of our country ( I know, depressing right?), but regardless, it was good to see her. She's getting married in about 6-7 weeks, so hopefully once that's over, we'll have some time again to spend more than an hour together! I also ran a few errands, including grocery shopping which goes amazingly fast when you don't have kids with you! We just relaxed again last night and reflected on our good, productive weekend!
I go back to work tonight and once I make it through this 3 day stretch, I'm in the clear for a whole week! Woo Hoo! Well, I'm going to go get some dinner ready, so we can eat together when Ryan gets home before I have to head out the door!


  1. Yay, we can comment now on your page. Lila is a doll and I'm so glad we got to hang out with her last weekend. I hope she is feeling better. I was wondering what you guys were up to the weekend after Easter?? I was thinking maybe we could come up for a visit, have something grilled out, take a few pix?????? What ya think? Let us know if you have any plans. April is crazy. We are going to NE next weekend, then Easter and then the last weekend we are going to WI. Miss you too!

  2. Ana, I miss you too! Would love to get together with you! Will be in touch. Love the picture in your latest entry! What a beautiful girl. Looks like you had a great weekend with even a few minutes to yourself....ahhhhh. Good for you. I will call when you are off. Take care. Love, gina


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