Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

It sounds like such an ominous day, but honestly... it's been pretty great so far! Lila, as usual, has been a peach. She slept from 8:30 last night until almost 6am (Woo Hoo), we've played in her bouncer, been rolling around on the floor, and she's so content to play in her saucer, that I've even got to finish the dishes and the laundry! She just went down for a nap and I have to get the clothes put away, but I thought I'd putz on the blog for a bit, trying to get the hang of it.
I'm looking forward to the weekend! It's supposed to be gorgeous out (almost 50 degrees) and I'm so, SO ready for it. Last week was just miserable...bah. The best part about it is, I DON'T HAVE TO WORK FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!! I'm so happy to just be able to be home and spend time with my family. I like working night shift, but it gets so hard to leave them in the evening all the time. My dad is coming to visit with my sister tomorrow for the day, it will be good to see them, and then Ryan and I are just gonna tackle house stuff on Sunday (after we enjoy coffee and the paper, of course!) I hope you all have a good Friday the 13th, and a great weekend!

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