Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Passing the time...

It's almost 2 am, I'm at work, and good Lord... I'M TIRED! My co-workers and I have talked about just about all we can; our patients, our families, and of course the TWILIGHT movie/books. ( I heart Edward!!!) . My eyes are blurring over from watching the monitors and we've fallen into the drone of silence, in which we will stay until around 5am (unless we get a new patient). I had Lila all day today and although I did sneak in a little over an hour nap, I'm pretty sure this is gonna be one of those never ending nights... sigh.

I guess there are a few things to update on. Lila is I noticed a little cough on Monday and today her little nose was just dripping like a faucet... poor thing :( She's not particularly fond of me wiping it all the time either, but I can't stand seeing it running like that, yuck. You could tell she wasn't feeling tip-top either, cause she kept rubbing her face and eyes, and didn't have much of an appetite today. I hope she does ok at daycare tomorrow, I'll be calling them for an update sometime in the morning.

Some kinda exciting news... we have tenativly planned to take Rio to WI to be bred this spring!! I talked to our breeder and she thinks it's ok to go ahead this year already! I have to take her to the vet on Friday to get this... get and STD test!!! Haha, funny huh? Hope she hasn't been out whoring around ;) Once that comes back negative, we'll be set to go whenever she goes into heat! We're a little nervous about the whole puppy thing, but it will be fun... lots of work... but lots of fun! We'll see what happens there...

Anyway, I guess that's about it. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a little extra sleep. Unfortunatly, it's because Ryan and Lila won't be home until later. They are picking up carpet and some stuff for our basement, so I won't see them before work. That means 2 days without seeing my baby girl, so sad :( Maybe work will be overstaffed and I can stay home until 11p?! That would be great! A girl can hope! I probably won't have much to write until after the weekend, so toodles for now!

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