Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is supposed to be filled with the luck of the Irish right??? Well, so far, so good! Lila slept 10 hours last night, and now is down for her morning nap! Over the weekend she was a little grumpy, just not feeling her tip-top self, and wasn't sleeping good either (which means that I didn't sleep well myself). My dad and sister came for a visit on Saturday, it was really nice to see them, and Sunday Ryan and I spent most of the day scrubbing floors. Seriously. When I wasn't doing that, I was tending to Lila the Grouch, so not the best day, but not the worst either.
Yesterday we spend lots of time out in the GLORIOUS warm, fresh, spring air! We went to the zoo with friends KJ and baby Vega. It was great! Then we sat outside when we got home and played with the dogs and read books. She was so content being out in the sun! When Ryan got home from work, we all took a walk, and then chatted outside with the neighbors. Yep, spring is coming, and boy am I ready for it!!!
I'm not sure what the day holds in store for us, hopefully will be outside again, as the weather is supposed to be nice. Gotta get some groceries, maybe tackle the mountain of clothes staring at me from my laundry room... hmmm? We'll see. Hope ya'll have a Lucky Day!

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