Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy April 5th

Easter came and went rather quickly for our family.  
It was here before we were ready and gone before we blinked.
Relatively mellow and laid back, it was a pretty enjoyable weekend!

I made suggestion that we get started on a few of our house "To-Do" projects, 
one including redoing the flooring in our entryway and kitchen....
Well, more on this later... but I will say this...
"Exercise caution when suggesting a project or task to a Volovsek man..."
Just saying.

Anyway, the morning was enjoyable... the girls were, of course, very excited
to see what the Bunny left in their baskets, and go hunting for eggs!  We had
a relaxed morning and spent some time in the afternoon at my mom's with her 
side of the family!
Here are a few pics from our Egg-events!
As for the rest of the weekend, that post will come later!

The Toothless Wonder

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