Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Beautiful 5 Year Old Elaina Grace

Our baby is 5.
I have no idea how that happened
When did I blink and my tiny little bird of a baby turn into a beautiful, spunky,
sassy, smart, little girl with a personality far too big for her small body?!!

Elaina is beautiful.  Truly.
She is feisty for sure, but in her heart, she is a kind soul.  She is witty and full
of light, and enough fire to give me full confidence she will go very far in this world!

We celebrated her Birthday a few days early this year, as it's been very hectic around the house. 
As usual, just a small gathering of family to share in her day.  We grilled burgers, had cake
and ice cream, and watched her open her few presents.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by, it's very special to us that we have family willing to share our celebration with us!  That night, Ryan had an event to go to,  so I took her and Lila to see the new Cinderella movie.  So much fun to be able to start doing these kinds of things with the girls!!

Monday night (her last day of 4) was a bit emotional for me.  
As per my usual, I feel sentimental and nostalgic for the years so quickly gone by.  I remember
her birth and the emotions I had at that time.  This year, as I tucked Ellie in, she asked to see
photos from the night she was born.  We laid in bed together and looked at them, and I felt the 
same raw emotion I did 5 years ago.  Elle, being Elle, just patted my back when she saw my tears
and said "it's ok mama, I will always be your baby... I just have to get a little bigger".  
Then I gave her a massage at her request, and kissed her sweet head.  
I had to work that night, but was able to snuggle her and kiss her to sleep, just what this mama needed!

On Tuesday (her actual birthday), we had orange chicken from Big Bowl (her fav) and gave her
her gifts from us.  Very small, very simple, but we sang and I bought a fancy cupcake at Byerly's
for her with a candle, which sadly, she decided to pass on, and blew out the candle only to oblige me.
"But Mom, we already celebrated... why do I have to do it again?!" (She is SOOO Ryan's kid!)

They grow up so fast!  5 years gone... what will happen the next time I blink?
joyful tears the minute she arrived 


  1. Oh how you worked so very hard for her! I loved being there! Happy, happy birthday sweet girl!

  2. Such a wonderful birth and adorable little lady :)


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