Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Randomness

Here is some Spring Randomness... because it's 2am, and I'm tired, and trying to make a post
with sense, and flow... well, just forget it.

~If you haven't already noticed... Lila has taken up Rugby.  Her smile is pretty amazing!~

~Playing "Restaurant" is super fun.  Plastic sandwiches are delicious, and air tea is the absolute BEST!~

Oh, and you have to Sign in too.. don't forget that part!

~Apparently it was National Sibling Day.  I love my Sissy!~

~Elaina is hilarious and adorable~

~We went to the Pinewood carnival, and it was all kinds of carnival joy and madness!~ 

~The girls had their dance pictures taken... even though they don't love dance,
pictures were fun for them and they liked getting into their pretty costumes!~

~This is how Rio likes to wake me up~

~Lila is growing up ridiculously fast.  Seriously.  She needs to knock that shit off!~

she's weird though.  :)

~We had Kindergarten Roundup for Ellie, and she was so excited to go to school and know that it was all for HER!...
again, Seriously needs to stop growing up so damn fast!~

~Ryan did a bunch of major projects around the house... strip, wash, and stain the deck and porch, tear up our old oak flooring in the entryway, kitchen, and main floor bath, and replace them with tile in entry, and new hardwood in kitchen, as well as putting tile down in our laundry room!  It's been a construction zone in our house, but it looks great now!  Thanks baby... as always, you amaze me!~
tearing up the entry way
I grouted the tile... it was my contribution to the projects!  nice grouting, right?!
kitchen floor - Before
kitchen floor - After
There are a few more things I'll touch on another time, but that's enough for now!  
Happy Monday everyone!

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