Monday, March 30, 2015


Simply put ...  Vegas. Was. Awesome!!

Ryan and I spent 3 days in Las Vegas with our friends from down the street
and had an absolute blast!  So many memories, things to laugh about, and fun times shared!
I elected to not bring my big girl camera, so it was captured on my phone only, but that
didn't slow me down from snapping a million of photos!

Here's a little photo documentation of our time there!

We arrived Wednesday afternoon, checked into our hotels, and met up for some drinks and
dinner!  We hit Sushi Samba, and oddly enough, didn't have any sushi... but the rest of the food
was good and drinks were delish!  We then wandered a bit and wound up at the Chandelier bar at 
the Cosmo... SUPER cool place! Loved the decor there!  We watched our friends play a little
Blackjack back at the hotel, then it was time to crash.
Arrived and checking in!

Sushi Samba

At the Cosmo! 

The next morning we had a deliciously large buffet breakfast, including the sushi we didn't get to eat the night before!  What?  People can eat sushi for breakfast, right?  
After breakfast, Ry and I wandered out to check out the pool.  Our weather app said it was 67 out and we figured that would be a little chilly yet, but thought we'd take a look anyway....  Well, we were out there for about 6.7 sec before heading back to our room to get our suits on and gather our stuff!!  Katie Liz joined us a bit later while Bryan spent a little time at a conference there.  The weather was amazing, the drinks were delicious, and the music started playing by noon! All around, just wonderful fun in the sun!

Pretty lady!!
Reading in the sun!
Yard of booze anyone?!  Bryan... might want to steer clear of Sailor Jerry next time! ;)
Bryan was working on his tan!

After freshening up (and yes, some much needed nap time) we got dolled up and went out for dinner!
Unfortunatley, Bryan wasn't feeling stellar, but hung in there with the rest of us through our meal.  Ryan and I got to try Oysters for the first time, and I'll be honest and say, I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed them!  

Oysters at Gallaghers

Following dinner, it was on to one of the highlights of the trip for me...
If you are easily offended, embarrassed, or opposed to foul language or 
blatent sexuality in all forms... this is NOT the show for you.  
However, if you love an amazing visual performance, sensual fun, and love to laugh,
I highly encourage you to try and see it!  The whole experience was amazing! 

After the show, we watched the fountains at Bellagio (they end at midnight, by the way)
and just wandered for a little while.  Checked out a few of the casinos and enjoyed the sites!

Our last day there, I think overall, was probably the most collective fun!  
Time in the sun, a private pool party at Tao, more vodka lemonades than were probably
necessary... then drinks at the hotel, and a night on Freemont street!  What more could
you ask for?  So. Much. Fun!

Oh My... the deliciousness!  5 pitchers may have been a bit in excess... but hey, it's Vegas!!!

Party at Tao!
Bryan- The turban man!!
~Welcome to Freemont Street~

Adorable, aren't they?!
 ~Note:  Zipline was really fun, however... spend the extra $20 and do the Zoomline.  It's twice as long, and the line moves twice as fast!  We spent an hour in line AFTER our registered check-in time!~
KL was a little nervous at this point

~Bryan... thank you for ever so patiently waiting for us to make our 30sec trip down the zipline!
Not sure if KL paid her debt, but I still owe you... call in that favor anytime! Haha ;)

She looks a little concerned even though we're done!  Time for another beverage!
The whole trip was one for the record books!  Thanks a million Sternbergs!

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